20 min Yoga Flow – Gentle Core Strength


About this video

A 20 minute gentle yoga flow designed to build core strength. This practice is suitable for beginners or if you’re looking for an easy going practice.

A strong core helps you maintain control and support of your body in all of your daily activities. Almost every single yoga pose from standing balance postures to seated twists require and also build abdominal strength and stability. Reduce strain on the spine and improve posture and balance with this gentle flow.

We begin in Childs Pose (Balasana) to quieten the mind and bring focus to the breath. Explore Hero Pose (Virasana) with a simple twist, and Cat / Cow (Marjaryasana / Bitilasana) to wake up and energise the spine. Engage core and glutes with Assisted Side Plank (Vasisthasana). Enjoy Upward Salute Side Bend (Parsva Urdhva Hastasana) with Kali Mudra to bring focus to your core, encouraging strength in your obliques. Flow with Sun Salutations A and B (Surya Namaskar A and B) before flying into Warrior 3 (Virabhadrasana 3) to challenge balance and awaken your inner power and strength. In Boat Pose (Navasana) build strong abdominal muscles that can help support your lower back. Lengthen the spine with a Gentle Belly Twist (Jathara Parivartanasana) and enjoy a deep rest in Savasana to nourish the mind and body.

As always, practice mindfully and if something doesn’t feel right – don’t do it.


20 minutes


All Levels, Beginner, Level 1, Level 1-2