7 min Pose Breakdown – Dolphin Pose


About this video

A short tutorial showing you how to come into Ardha Pincha Mayurasana (Dolphin Pose), offering modifications for beginners. This pose is an excellent whole body workout, particularly when held for longer durations. It’s good preparation for poses that take you upside down. Dolphin Pose is associated with the Crown chakra which is associated with trust, inspiration, devotion, happiness, positivity, and deep connection with self.


  • Strengthens and stretches the shoulders, arms, upper back and legs
  • Brings flexibility to the spine, hamstrings, calves and arches of the feet
  • Balances the nervous system providing relief from stress and anxiety
  • Improves memory and concentration


  • Avoid if you have any neck or shoulder injuries
  • Avoid if you have any sensitivity in the back
  • Avoid if there is concern of high blood pressure or heart conditions
  • Caution should be taken with tight hamstrings

Beginner’s Tip

If you have tight hamstrings, it can be helpful to bend the knees and keep length in the spine, rather than round the back. Draw the lower ribs in to support the back. A cushion or blanket under the head can ease strain on the neck while building strength in this pose. As demonstrated in the video, a block placed between the hands helps to activate the arms. If the elbows keep rolling out to the sides, place a strap around the upper arms above the elbows to help keep them in place.

Props: a brick (optional)


10 minutes or under


Level 1, Level 1-2, Level 2, Level 2-3, Level 3


Core, Shoulders


Pose breakdown, Yoga